Portfolio Planning Optimised

Save 9% of Portfolio Budget and yet deliver more projects than before.

Deliver 50% more projects on time, execute your portfolio with a better plan in hands.

Shorten planning time, from
days and weeks to minutes.

Making your team Work better
I can commit to my attrition and hiring plans and plan the outsourced capacity predictably and economically. My budget and headcounts are now fully aligned to our mid- and long-term roadmap.With Aangine, we could finally extend the planning horizon beyond the next 6 months. I am confident that I have the right capacity and skills needed to deliver all the projects on time, quality and budget.

Project Sponsor
I can commit delivery of the whole roadmap despite last minute changes and additions. I can answer any What-If question during the board meetings, no matter how complex: 10% more capacity? Major program rescheduled? I can re-plan all demands and present the impact on the inflight projects immediately.

Head of PMO
When I charter a new project, I have confidence that it will be delivered on time. I don’t need to increase the budget or compromise on scope anymore, as more than 70% of my projects get delivered as initially planned. Our board meetings include fewer escalations and more data-driven insights.

Department Head
I have a complete understanding of the discretionary capacity of all our resource teams so that I can react to changes in the portfolio or in the business. I can present an always up-to-date picture of the roadmap from multiple business perspectives. Together with my key stakeholders, we can explore different plans choosing the best portfolio plan possible.

Portfolio Manager

Revolutionise Your Portfolio Planning Process

Empowered by algorithms, your roadmap instantly incorporates all changes of capacity, budgets, new projects and ideas. Presented with a fully updated roadmap, you can then:
Optimise your portfolio plan by changing planning parameters and assessing the results on a single touch of the button.
Easily compare What-If plans with credible, reliable information, to choose the best plan. A plan in which everyone is confident that it can be delivered.
Shorten your planning cycle from days and weeks to minutes.

Customer Success

Industry: Finance
Scale: Portfolio of 300-400 projects each year

9% Portfolio Budget saving

Due to fewer projects delivered over-budget and late.

62% more projects delivered on time

The bank gained confidence in their delivery capability, as future resource conflicts were resolved at the portfolio-level.

22% more projects planned in the portfolio

as the PMO’s planning bandwidth dramatically increased.

36% more projects completed

due to an optimised portfolio and reduced resource contention.

Get Started Fast

Transform your portfolio planning. Whether you have previously invested in Project Management tools or simply use Excel.

Aangine can be deployed quickly in the Cloud or On-Premise to get you up and running as fast as possible thanks to its modern microservices architecture.

Replace your complicated, inflexible Excel Planning Spreadsheets for a collaborative planning app. Improve the quality of data you are working with.

Compliments your existing tools. Two-way integration provides the ability to work with current data from both in-flight projects and demands, and updates existing tools with the newly optimised portfolio plan.